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Long before the Internet gained popularity and e-commerce became advanced as it is today, the Consumer Reports Magazine offered consumers information on how different products and services rated in terms of quality, cost, durability or dependability and to what extent consumers could trust manufacturers to honor warranties. Today, as consumers rely heavily on e-commerce for shopping, the Internet is ablaze with product and service review websites. Just like the Consumer Reports Magazine, review websites depend on consumer’s reviews to rank products. Consumers also use social media platforms to share their experiences. This enriches shoppers and shapes their buying decisions.

Consumer Reports on Writing Services

There are no consumer reports that have been compiled from consumer reviews on essay writing services. This makes it difficult for students to identify high ranking writing companies that they can trust to help with writing assignments like essays and book reviews. This is very stressing for students who are already overwhelmed by many academic demands that present day studies place on students. Their hope to find relief of academic pressure is often thwarted as they face the other challenge of finding credible essay writing services.

Importance of Reviewing Writing Services

Reviews on customer writing services are important in curbing the many problems that students face in the process of getting quality writing services. Students are often offered low quality services by writing companies that are out to make money without regard for professionalism. Such companies use writers that have low qualifications and often submit work that is either plagiarized or basically generated by spinning programs. In the process, they put the academic goals of students at risk. is here to address these problems by compiling consumer reports that rate writing services and help students identify the credible ones easily.

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Our Approach to Reviews

Our reviews are dependent of the customer feedback that students provide writing companies. Our work is to organize those reviews into categories and present them in a manner that students can make sense of and apply in the buying process. We create a rating scale based on the qualities that students highlight in their feedback. We then use this rating scale to rank the performance of writing companies. Companies that perform poorly appear on the lower part of the list while those that perform well appear at the top. In the customer reports that we publish on this site, we include the customer feedback for each ranked company.

Ranking Format

The elements that students highlight as important in their reviews are the ones that we use to rank essay writing companies. Some of them are:

  1. Availability of customer support services

  2. Quality of work submitted and its immediate usability without the need to edit or revise

  3. Pricing of writing services

  4. Submitting work before time-lines lapse

Other important information

Below you can find more details about best companies offering writing services in the form of short video clips on their service procedures from the and we also provide links to their online platforms.